I am Andres, a guy in his late twenties who was born in the small country of Estonia and in an even smaller city called Pärnu with a population of only around 50K. Nowadays I am living in Munich Germany and working as a software developer in a very promising medical startup.

I started my investing journey in March 2017 when I transferred some money to Twino which is a P2P lending platform and bought my first loans. A month or so later I started buying ETF-s and soon after I opened some cryptocurrency positions and the rest is history.

I would describe myself as a buy and hold type of investor which means that whatever I buy I assume to keep for many years to come.

My biggest passion nowadays when it comes to investing are individual stocks and more precisely finding promising under the radar micro and small cap stocks.

That is also the idea of this blog. To share the research that I am doing and the stocks that I am finding. I will also be sharing the composition of my portfolio and how it is doing so that you readers can figure out for yourselves if the way I am investing holds merit and if so feel free to imitate what I am doing in your own portfolio.

I will be posting at least once a month to give an update on my entire portfolio and share the stocks that are catching my eye. I will also try to write as soon as I make an actual purchase so that you the reader can buy the same stocks at a similar price if you want to.